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A new generation of kits for rapid
enzyme screening

GlycoSpot is a company dedicated to revolutionize high-throughput solutions for glycoscience. If you are looking for rapid screening of carbohydrate-modifying enzymes, GlycoSpot has the solution for you.

  • GlycoSpot enzyme screening kits provide high-throughput, reproducible solutions for enzyme screening in a simple 3-step procedure
  • Our solid Chromogenic Polymer Hydrogel (CPH) substrates are single, dyed and insoluble polysaccharides and proteins
  • Our Insoluble Chromogenic Biomass substrates (ICB) are dyed solid hydrogel matrices of popular biomass types
  • Results are obtained as a ready-to-read colorimetric output in microwell format
  • Both CPH and ICB substrates are available in four colour combinations
  • CPH and ICB substrate kits can be used to screen single enzymes, enzyme cocktails or broths
  • Kits containing ICB and CPH substrates are available in a variety of formats to suit your needs
  • A total of 20 CPH substrates and 6 ICB are currently available

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Scientific publication

"A new generation of versatile chromogenic substrates for high-throughput analysis of biomass-degrading enzymes" by Kracun et al., 2015, published in Biotechnology for Biofuels. The methodology behind GlycoSpot's technology.

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