Multi CPH kits

GlycoSpot's Multi CPH kit is a multi-substrate kit, which currently contains 16 different substrates together with controls. The substrates and their positions are shown in the figure and table below. (Product code: CPH7001)

Row/Column 1-6 7-12
A CPH-2-hydroxyethylcellulose CPH-xyloglucan
B CPH-β-glucan from barley CPH-amylopectin
C CPH-β-glucan from yeast CPH-amylose
D CPH-curdlan CPH-xylan
E CPH-pachyman CPH-arabinan
F CPH-pullulan CPH-pectic galactan
G CPH-dextran CPH-galactomannan
H CPH-chitosan CPH-rhamnogalacturonan (soybean)