Insoluble Chromogenic Biomass (ICB) kits

GlycoSpot's Insoluble Chromogenic Biomass (ICB) substrates are chromogenic substrates derived from raw plant material and enable assaying enzyme activity towards a complex substrate that is normally used in bioindustry or as a growth medium. This adds another level of information to your activity data as the activity information towards a pure substrate is likely to be different when this pure substrate is in a complex context of biological material such as biomass. Just like the CPH substrates, the ICB substrate kit is arranged in a high-throughput 96-well plate format.

ICB substrate Product code
ICB-wheat straw ICB0001
ICB-sugarcane bagasse ICB0002
ICB-hemp fiber ICB0003
ICB-spruce ICB0004
ICB-willow ICB0005
ICB-filter paper ICB0006
ICB-citrus peel ICB0008