GlycoSpot Products

Our enzyme screening kits are ready to ship and are designed to suit most customer needs. Glycospot offers a range of dyed substrates, for example CPH-amylopectin, CPH-galactomannan, and CPH-β-glucan (from barley, oat and yeast). Please see the description below and on each of the specific product pages. Our products can be purchased on the page Order Now or by email at

Standard CPH kit

All 96 wells come prefilled with the solid polymer hydrogel substrate of your choice. We offer a wide range of substrates to accommodate a high-throughput screening of your specific enzyme library. Standard CPH kits are available with 20 different substrates.

Multi CPH kit

1 type of Multi CPH kit is available. It allows for screening of carbohydrate-degrading enzyme activity towards a selection of our CPH-substrates.

ICB substrate kit

Insoluble Chromogenic Biomass (ICB) substrates come in a 96-well format prefilled with your ICB-substrate of choice.