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PUBLISHED: 22-07-2019

The SIRIUS System – Measurement Precision, no Laboratory

From Barley to Malt to Beer

Malting is one of the oldest enzyme production technologies and over many centuries barley has proven to be the best cereal grain to fulfill this need for ...

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PUBLISHED: 20-03-2019

High-Throughput Screening

BrewersDream for barley malt

Starch-degrading enzymes in barley malt play a pivotal role in the brewing process, especially with regard to their potential in generating fermentable sugars. ...

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PUBLISHED: 07-12-2018

Publication In Brauwelt International

Novel Innovation In Enzyme Analysis

Good quality of wort is very much dependent on the quality of the raw materials, especially on the enzyme activities (endogenous in the grain or added externally). Current analytical methods are cumbe ...

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PUBLISHED: 24-10-2018

Two New Directors, One Direction

Industry professionals join GlycoSpot

We are proud to announce that two renowned industry professionals joined GlycoSpot. Michael Spandern is our new Commercial Director. His professional career covered various positions in the feed ...

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PUBLISHED: 17-10-2018

Understanding Brewers’ Malt in Detail

105th VLB October Convention 2018

The quality of malt is at the very core of the brewing process. It is all about the right variety of barley, the correct malting process and finally the right ratio of malt types and origins in your r ...

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