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Cake time today for GlycoSpot to celebrate our production lot 100.


Find us on page 23 of Ingredients Insight 2017 Vol. 1!


GlycoSpot was represented in the town hall of Newcastle upon Tyne. Thanks to William George Tycho Willats and Catherine Tetard-Jones for organising the N8 Crop Innovation Pipeline Workshop - Translating crop research from lab to field. Furthermore, we joined a great field trip to Newcastle University cockle park farm.


GlycoSpot at the International Biomass Conference & Expo 2017
How can we help you with screening enzymes for your biomass?
Come and discuss the possibilities at our booth 322 at the International Biomass Conference & Expo in Minneapolis

Mr. Thomas Lacentra, MBA and Dr. Julia Schückel are representing GlycoSpot and our technology at the International Biomass Conference & Expo in Minneapolis, USA.


GlycoSpot at Deutsche Biotechnologiestage (DBT) 2017

Dr. Julia Schückel presented GlycoSpot and our technology at the "Deutsche Biotechnologiestage" (DBT) conference in Hannover, Germany. Our unique enzyme screening technology created a lot of interest and we look forward to new customer relationships.


GlycoSpot at Plant Biotech Denmark 2017

GlycoSpot had a booth at Plant Biotech Denmark 2017 held at the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Marta Iraburu, BSc and Rojan Demirtas, BSc presented their posters about using GlycoSpot technology for enzyme activity screening in the beverage industry and enzyme screening on chromogenic biomass substrates in bioethanol production, respectively. Together with Dr. Julia Schückel, they represented GlycoSpot at the meeting.

We would like to thank all of the participants and the organizers that welcomed us at the meeting.


How do you measure pectin-degrading enzymes in raw materials and end-products?
We use the new ICB-citrus peel high-throughput enzyme screening kit from GlycoSpot.

Pectins are important components in many industries, especially in the food industry. They are used as stabilizers, they regulate texture and phase separation, amongst other applications. Regulation of their degradation during the production process or in the end-product is of pivotal importance for end-product quality and shelf-life. GlycoSpot has just launched a new product – the high-throughput ICB-citrus peel substrate kit synthesized from citrus peel.


GlycoSpot receives 6 million DKK grant from EUDP for chromogenic true-to-nature biomass substrate development to improve production of bioethanol

EUDP (Energiteknologiske Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram) has funded a GlycoSpot project for development of chromogenic true-to-nature biomass substrates with the aim of improving production of renewable fuels such as bioethanol. This development project will be conducted in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) and Granbio, a Brazilian biotech company that creates solutions to transform biomass into renewable products such as biofuels, biochemicals, nano materials and nutrients.


New chromogenic keratin substrate for enzyme screening

Can you degrade your keratin-containing animal waste using enzymes?
Do you know the optimal enzyme cocktail recipe, when degrading animal waste?
The new Keratin verde high-throughput enzyme screening kit from GlycoSpot will give you a fast answer.

Keratin is a substantial component of animal waste and has significant impact on environmental pollution. Recycling of keratin is important for food, cosmetology, medical, textile, composite, agriculture and other industries. GlycoSpot has just launched a new product – the high-throughput Keratin verde substrate kit synthesized from sheep wool keratin.


New chromogenic CMC substrate for enzyme screening

Will your food product remain stable after you add your CMC stabilizer?
Find out right away using the high-throughput CMC assay kit from GlycoSpot

CMC has many uses as a stabilizer, thickening agent, lubricant and temperature regulator amongst others. It is important in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and detergent industries and even in veterinary medicine. GlycoSpot has just launched a new product – the high-throughput CPH-CMC substrate assay kit, a Chromogenic Polymer Hydrogel substrate synthesized from CMC (CarboxyMethylCellulose).